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SentriLock is GKAR's official lockbox provider, however GKAR Members are able to utilize the Supra eKey app to access lockboxes outside of the GKAR service area.



Supra Lockboxes

You can access Supra lockboxes, key free, in three easy steps:

  1. Download the Supra eKey app on your smartphone.
  2. Contact the listing agent to provide you with One-Time Only a
    ccess (an email or text message will be sent to you confirming this access with a link to create an account).
  3. Create your account by following the Non-Member Instructions.

If you're interested in leasing a Supra Key, they are available through the Southwest Michigan Association of REALTORS®. Email for more information.


Helpful Links

Assigning a Lockbox to a Listing (PDF) Generating 1-Day Codes (PDF)
Lockbox Battery Replacement (PDF) SentriKey App Getting Started Guide (PDF)
SentriKey App Overview (Video) SentriConnect® Help Sheet (PDF)


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get Lockboxes and what is the cost?
Lockboxes are available from your broker. Ask your broker what their office policy and procedure is for obtaining lockboxes. GKAR does not charge a per lockbox fee, the lockboxes are included in your REALTOR® dues and fees.

2. Can I use a mechanical lockbox on my listings?
Check with your broker to see what your office policy is. GKAR does not require a SentriLock lockbox to be placed on every listed property, however using a mechanical lockbox versus a secure electronic lockbox does increase your liability.

3. Is there a SentriLock app I can use?
SentriKey is an app available as a free Member Benefit. Once your SentriLock access has been authorized, you may download and use the SentriKey App to generate an access code to show properties you have received permission from the listing agent to show. Always following the Showing Instructions found on every listing in flexmls.

4. What do I do if I have problems with a lockbox?
Anytime an error light is illuminated on a lockbox or it is non-responsive, contact SentriLock Support at the number located in the SentriKey Smart App or tap the Support icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
5. Does GKAR have Supra Keys available for agents to show properties outside of the GKAR service area?
SentriLock is the official lockbox vendor of GKAR; we recommend GKAR Members utilize the Supra ekey app to show properties outside of the GKAR service area. 

6. What is SentriConnect®?
SentriConnect® is a mobile app that allows the user to temporarily access a listing agent's lockbox. The user must be granted SentriConnect® access by the listing agent. SentriConnect® accesses to a lockbox are displayed in the listing agent's access log. This allows secure tracking of lockbox activity. The app now takes the place of the Contractor Codes, which are no longer available.
7. When will I get SentriLock access a GKAR Member?
Once you complete the lockbox portion of New Member Orientation and submit a signed SentriLock Agreement, GKAR staff will authorize SentriLock access for you.