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REALTOR® Political Action Committee 


Since 1969, RPAC has promoted the election of pro-REALTOR® candidates across the United States. The purpose of RPAC is clear: REALTORS® raise and spend money to elect candidates who understand and support their interests.

The money to accomplish this comes from voluntary contributions made by REALTORS®. These are not members’ dues; this is money given freely by REALTORS® in recognition of how important campaign fundraising is to the political process.

RPAC doesn’t buy votes. RPAC enables REALTORS® to support candidates that support the issues that are important to their profession and livelihood.*

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GKAR’s 2017 RPAC Donors - We Thank You!

Members who wish to make a donation or increase their donation may contact Samantha O'Brien.

Golden R $5,000 +

Natalie Rowe

Crystal R $2,500 - $4,999

Dan Jaqua

Sterling R $1,000 - $2,499

Suzette Deaux
Robin Pompey

Gold Circle $500 - $999

Michele Brown
LuAnn DeFouw
Lisa Faber
Peggy Napier
Shelly Pattison
Carl Phalin
Richard Roy
Cheri Schulz
Kathy Smith
Paul Valentin
Gary Walter

Silver Circle $200 - $499

Dennis Bronson
Jennifer Copeland
Linda Hazelhoff
Alan Jeffries
Alex Jeffries
Kerry Keefer
David Maturen
Al Rowe
Suzanne Sloan
Mark Vickery
Gayle Zientek

Century Circle $100 - $199

Wendy Conner
William Evenboer
Dennis Field
Steven Gerike
Joseph Goldsberry
Crystal Haydo
Jill Kingsbury
Jeffrey Lee
Martin Wagar
Eugenia Zacks Carney

Donors $50 - $99 

Earnie Best
Charles Cherney
Kristen Clancy
Rick Crepas
Tracy Hageman
Jerome Kamm
Jim Kingsly
Richard Kurth
Emelee Rajzer
Dave Schnelker
Martin Wagar
Steven Zientek

Donors Up to $49

Audrey Andrews
Heather Atteberry
Holly Babb
Richard Berner
George Betten
Charles Bradford
Jean Brenton
Robert Britigan
Wyatt Brown
Nathan Brussee
Scott Burkett
James Cash
James Douglass
Lindsay Flynn
Holly Hollett
Ellen Horkey
Courtney Howrigon
Joe Huizar
Clayton Lyczyncki
Michael Kauffman
Ron Kilian
John Lyons
Angela McMillan
Jackie Megdan
Shelly Misak
Betty Murphy
Wendi Nahikian
Lorrie Nelson
Jason O'Brien
Samantha O'Brien
Jason O'Neal
Jessica Parks
Jackie Patterson
Raymond Patterson
Christy Pierangeli
Terry Pingel
Jack Poulsen
Keith Reed
Ryan Rider
Elyce Rosenbach
Morghan Rustenholz
Lyle Schenck
Luke Schrader
Kelly Small
Charity Sodano
Nita Snyder
Joseph Taylor
Kimberly Toogood
Christopher Van Winkle
Kathi Vlachos
Beverley Wrubel

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