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REALTOR® of the Year

The GKAR REALTOR® of the Year is recognized by their peers for their contributions to the real estate profession and to the greater Kalamazoo community.

2012 Bill Evenboer

Bill Evenboer

2021 REALTOR® of the Year

Evenboer Walton, REALTORS®

Bill has been a REALTOR® for 33 years, Broker for 28 years, and Real Estate Owner for 26 years, our recipient has closed over 1,500 real estate transactions, managed and trained numerous agents, and owned and developed several sub divisions.

He has served GKAR as President twice, as Treasurer for 6 years, the Board of Directors for 10 years, and served on numerous Committees over the last 30 years.

He has also served the community including: Kalamazoo Neighborhood Housing Services President and Board Member, Deacon at his church, Little League and Rocket Football Coach, Vice President and President of PCHS Football Boosters, Sponsor and Volunteer for Walk to end Homelessness, Sponsor for Big Brother Big Sisters both with the Bowling event and the annual Dinner fundraiser, Sponsor and Volunteer at Kalamazoo Gospel Mission, and Sponsor for the USTA Boys National Tennis Championships at Kalamazoo College.

Over the years, he has served many people with selling or buying property and has always made it a priority that the clients’ needs are first and foremost. Bill has also always done his best to work together with other agents in a win-win manner and enjoys helping new agents regardless of which Broker they work for.

Bill and Claudia (also a REALTOR®) have been married for 41 years and have 2 sons Jonathan and Rob (also a REALTOR®).

Nomination Form

The nomination period for 2022 has ended. 

Important Details:

  • Nominees must be a Primary Member of GKAR.
  • Nominees must possess a current Michigan Real Estate License.
  • Nominees must have been a GKAR Member for a minimum of five consecutive years.
  • Self-nominations are permitted.
  • Nominees cannot be a current officer, newly-elected officer, or former REALTOR® of the Year.
  • The recipient will be honored at the local level and recognized at the GKAR Installation & State of the Association Holiday Luncheon. 
  • The REALTOR® of the Year name will be submitted to Michigan REALTORS® (MR) for consideration as MR of the Year and shall be the guest of GKAR at the appropriate MR Convention.

Past REALTOR® of the Year Recipients

1958     Orville B Schroeder
1959     Clarence Hawthorne
1960     C Ray Clapper
1961     Ty Carter
1962     Robert Early
1963     Harry Hurni
1964     Arthur Warly
1965     Lowell A Swanson
1966     ---
1967     BW Borkenstein
1968     Robert E Greene
1969     Dale O Wheeler
1970     Kenneth S Bright
1971     Bruce R Perry
1972     Arthur C Early
1973     John W Bosch
1974     Philip C Keelan
1975     Meryl Weimaster
1976     Philip P Perry
1977     Douglas R Preston
1978     Frank R Stokes
1979    John B Olheiser
1980     John W Bosch
1981     Rod O' Brien
1982     Tom Tobin
1983     Jerry Carlson
1984     Lowell I Swanson
1985     Marian E Greene
1986     Robert L Walton
1987     Sam Cupps
1988     Woody King
1989     Phyllis Bogren
1990     Kathy King
1991     Tim Brown
1992     Nick Pratt
1993     Judy Haugh
1994     Jared Arnold
1995     Lonnie Palleschi
1996     Sally Elser
1997     Al Rowe
1998     Tim Brown
1999     Marty Wagar
2000     Ray Becker
2001     Mary Sutton
2002     Don Cain
2003     Sue Cornell
2004     Wayne Wilkinson
2005     David Maturen
2006     Dennis Field
2007     Rose Rook
2008     Rick Hoffman
2009     John Jackson
2010     Rick Berner
2011     John Buttery
2012     Audrey DeVault
2013     Cheri Schulz
2014     Cathy Gasper
2015     Nancy Fish
2016     Lee Crossley
2017     Gayle Zientek
2018     Dan Jaqua
2019    Natalie Rowe
2020    Greg Miller
2021     Bill Evenboer