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So, you want to be a REALTOR...

Shayne Wheeler

Posted by Shayne Wheeler
Jul 18, 2018 12:16:38 PM

You've decided you want to pursue a career in real estate, but where do you begin?

We're here to help you start your real estate career with the resources you need to get your real estate license in Michigan.
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A Career in Real Estate - What does it take?

  1. Complete 40 Hours of Real Estate Pre-Licensing Education.
  2. Pass a State Exam.
  3. Establish a Broker Relationship.
  4. Join your Local, State, and National Association of REALTORS®.
  5. Fulfill your Licensing Requirements.
  6. Abide by Real Estate Law and Regulations.
  7. Consider your Safety.

Real Estate Terminology - Know the lingo.

MLS Multiple Listing Service

CE Marketplace

Certification / Designation

Con Ed or CE Continuing Education

Fair Housing

LARA Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs


NAR National Association of REALTORS®

Real Estate Agent vs. REALTOR®

Real Estate Association or Board of REALTORS® A trade association that provides services and represents real estate brokers, agents, and salespeople.

Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Laws

Financial Commitment

Your specific situation will determine the actual cost for starting a career in real estate. These costs may include but are not limited to broker fees, association fees, continuing education, and licensing fees. Consider contacting your potential broker and local association for cost estimates, so you may set a realistic budget for your first year in real estate.

Build your network.

It takes effort to get your name out there and win clients. For networking tips, visit our blog article, 8 Clever Conversations Starters for Networking Events.

Shayne Wheeler

Shayne Wheeler

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