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GKAR Facility Restrictions Lifted

Angela McMillan

Posted by Angela McMillan
Jun 30, 2021 1:45:49 PM

GKAR Operations Update—Welcome Back

With the rescinding of the Emergency Rules, which included masking and distancing, the Board of Directors has removed the restrictions for the GKAR facility. Committee meetings will be held in our Classroom, which has been fitted with a special conference camera, so those who would like to attend virtually, will be able to do so. The staff have successfully returned to the facility and look forward to seeing your smiling faces again. We thank you for your patience while we transitioned back to in-person activity again.

MDHHS Epidemic Order as of June 1st:

  • There are no longer capacity limits outdoors.
  • There are no longer capacity limits at residential gatherings.
  • Indoor establishments are at 50% capacity.
  • Social gatherings are regulated by the venue.
  • Face masks continue to be required for non-vaccinated individuals indoors.
Read full MDHHS order.

Michigan Vaccine to Normal Plan Outline from MI Chamber.

"Under the new DHHS Order, effective June 1st, there are no longer any regulatory limits on the
number of persons viewing a home during an open house or other showing. Moreover, the
regulations on masks and social distancing no longer apply to home showings," Michigan REALTORS®. Read full update here.

Download Michigan REALTORS®'  COVID-19 Office Preparedness Toolkit
Angela McMillan

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