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Updated Virtual Alteration Policy

Samantha Bartlett

Posted by Samantha Bartlett
Apr 2, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Your MLS Committee updated the recently adopted Virtual Alteration policy in the GKAR MLS Rules and        Regulations. The previous policy restricted virtual fires in fireplaces on MLS photos. The updated policy now    allows for virtual fires to be edited into working fireplaces.  

Section 1.2.24 Virtual Alteration: “Virtual Alteration” is not permitted. It is the act of altering or editing         photographs of real property (not personal property) from the original format to enhance the marketability of the real property. The altering or changing/editing could include, but is not limited to, changing colors or   textures of walls, floor coverings, exterior, landscape, and roof color, and fires in the fireplace.  

Editing of ‘contrast’, ‘brightness’, and the use of wide-angle lenses and auxiliary lighting are not considered part of virtual alteration. (Amended 02/21)


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