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Samantha Bartlett

Posted by Samantha Bartlett
May 5, 2021 4:01:20 PM

Caring for SentriLock lockboxes is the best way to keep them in tip top shape for many years to come. As the boxes move from property to property, there are ways you can keep them in the best working order. Here are four best practices.

  1. Close the lockbox key compartment after each access. This will prevent internal mechanical error and battery damage. 
  1. The lockboxes are not waterproof. Keep the box in a covered area to prevent water damage.  
  1. When releasing the shackle, always be sure to hold the bottom of the lockbox to prevent it from dropping.  
  1. When asked if you would like to update the lockbox firmware, it is advised you go through the update. It is a quick process through the app, and ensures all features are working and up-to-date, on the box.  



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