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The Philip P. Perry Award was conceived upon the passing of distinguished GKAR Member, Philip P. Perry in 2004. The Award honors the legacy of a Member who devoted his life to serving others. The Award is given to a current GKAR Member who embodies the spirit of service that was important to Mr. Perry throughout his life. Nominations for the 2024 recipient are now closed.

2023 Philip P. Perry Award Recipient


Twala Lockett-Jones, Lockett-Jones Realty Group

My service in this lifetime is bigger than selling real estate and providing housing. I long to see revitalized neighborhoods and increased homeownership in underserved populations.

My life's work is around closing the extreme gap between wealth and poverty in our country. Safe, dignified and affordable housing provides stability. It's impossible to address poverty and the wealth gap in America in the absence of addressing the housing gap. Homeownership is the cornerstone to building generational wealth.

Recently, I authored “Princess Mackie Buys a House” to introduce the concept of home ownership to youth because I noticed children’s literature is sorely lacking in the area of real estate. The story follows Princess Mackie, a 7-year old girl, and her mother through their home-buying journey. It is imperative to plant seeds of homeownership early, so that children of color can understand this as a true possibility for them in the future. Princess Mackie Buys a House” has been well-received across the U.S. and in other countries.

Amerifirst Home Mortgage distributed 4000 books to 4th graders in Detroit. They will also gift 3,000 books to KPS students. The Mortgage Bankers Association distributed 500 copies at their financial literacy conference in Atlanta. The book allows me a platform to share financial literacy and homeownership education. Proceeds from “Princess Mackie Buys a House” help to fund my Girls Build Kalamazoo non-profit which provides hands-on experiences and empowers girls by building self-confidence, financial health and self-esteem.

I have volunteered across several organizations that provide housing and/or create housing policy and land use decisions, including the Kalamazoo County Landbank, KCPHC, Community Homeworks, and KNHS. I currently serve on the Kalamazoo County Housing Task Force, Kalamazoo Affirmative Marketing Committee, Eastside Gateway Project, and the ENA Show Me The Money Event.

My community service is woven so tightly into my real estate career that it’s hard to separate the two.


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