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GKAR Member Rewards Program

When you take advantage of GKAR's Member Rewards Program, you maximize your Membership dollars. As a GKAR Member, you’re automatically enrolled in this exclusive Program that offers special access to tools that help you gain a competitive edge and grow your real estate business!

Click on the buttons below to learn more about each Rewards category!

Button 1 Access to Special Reports
Button 2 Access to Tools and Technology
Button 3 Access to Professional Development Opportunities
Button 4 Access to Networking Events and Fun
Button 5 Access to Opportunities that Make a Difference
Button 6 Access to People Who Want to See You Succeed

1 Access to Special Reports

Be in the know! Not only will your clients be impressed, but you’ll also unlock your earning potential with the latest local real estate data—all of which makes you a force to be reckoned with when valuing homes, negotiating contracts, and more!


2 Access to Tools & Technology

You’re busy enough. Why spend more time than necessary getting the job done? With advanced tools like zipForms and dotloop, and the MLS, everything you need for a successful career in real estate is at your fingertips. What’s more is that GKAR staff are constantly keeping on top of updates as well as creating step-by-step instructions and trainings, ensuring you have access to the best tools on the market—and know how to use them!


3 Access to Professional Development Opportunities

Who’s at the head of the class? You are—when you take advantage of Member Continuing Education at GKAR. There’s no need to travel when the Michigan Real Estate Academy is practically in your backyard! GKAR staff monitor National Association of REALTORS® requirements and emerging trends to offer you the education you need at a convenient time and place.


4 Access to Networking Events and Fun

Yes, you read that correctly! We said, “fun!” From semi-annual 4:01 Networking Events to Member Appreciation, our Annual Installation and State of the Association event, and more—we make sure our Members have an opportunity to connect and celebrate achievements.


5 Access to Opportunities that Make a Difference

Whether you’re a seasoned philanthropist or if you’re looking to get involved, you’re in luck. GKAR Membership presents you with countless opportunities to impact your community as well as advance your career through applying to serve on a GKAR Committee. By getting involved, you will make countless connections and friendships that will surely come in handy throughout your career!


6 Access to People Who Want to See You Succeed

Your GKAR Staff are here to serve you from the moment you decide to get your license and throughout your career. It takes a lot of coordination, knowledge, and hard work to run a successful real estate association and school—and we love every minute of it! Valuable partners who are specially trained to guide and support you, our staff Members care deeply about their roles, and seeing you succeed in real estate. Have a question? Ask it. That’s why we are here—for you!


Make the Most of your Membership!

When you get involved, you open up a world of opportunities to build your network, your resume, and your business. Take advantage of the exciting benefits and opportunities available to you at GKAR.

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