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New Member Application

Once you have received an active real estate license from the State of Michigan and are working with a Broker who is a Member of GKAR, you may apply for GKAR Membership. To get started, submit a completed application: REALTOR®/Appraiser (PDF) | Business Partner (PDF) | REALTOR®/Appraiser Office (Email Request)

Dues and Fees

Along with your active license and completed application, there is a one-time new Member fee of $500 that is due along with the pro-rated annual REALTOR® dues. Dues for the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), Michigan REALTORS® (MR), and GKAR are listed below. Dues must be paid by either credit card (card must be in your name) or by check. Cash payment for dues are no longer accepted.

Membership Dues Summary*

Month NAR Dues MR Dues GKAR Dues TOTAL 2019 Dues**
 After Aug 1st
January $155.00 $223.00  $310.00  $688.00    
February $145.00 $210.50 $284.17  $639.67     
March $135.00 $198.00 $258.33  $591.33     
April $125.00 $185.50 $232.50  $543.00     
May $115.00 $173.00 $206.67  $494.67     
June $105.00 $160.50 $180.85  $446.35     
July $95.00 $148.00 $155.00  $398.00     
August $85.00 $135.50 $129.17   $349.67 $700.00**  $1,049.67
September $75.00 $123.00 $103.33  $301.33  $700.00**   $1,001.33
October $65.00 $110.50 $77.50  $253.00  $700.00**   $953.00
November $55.00 $98.00 $51.67  $204.67  $700.00**   $904.67
December $45.00 $85.50 $25.83  $156.33  $700.00**   $856.33


*Dues are subject to change. Please email to confirm your total.

**The Annual REALTOR® Dues are billed in advance of the upcoming year on August 10th of the current year and are due before September 10th. If you join in August or later, you will pay the prorated portion of the current year's dues along with the full amount for the upcoming year. The $700 2019 Dues includes NAR/MR/GKAR dues and a $42 voluntary RPAC contribution.

New Member Orientation

After your application is processed, you will be automatically registered for the next New Member Orientation. If you have any questions about the Membership application process, please email

Make the Most of your Membership!

When you get involved, you open up a world of opportunities to build your network, your resume, and your business. Take advantage of the exciting benefits and opportunities available to you at GKAR.

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