Staff - Administration

CEO Robin Pompey

Robin Pompey

Chief Executive Officer
  • Oversees administrative & financial operations; and governing documents (Bylaws & Policy) of the Association
  • Staff Liaison for Executive Committee
  • Manages all RPAC events and donations and coordinates the organizations advocacy efforts
  • Primary contact for GKAR Payables
  • Primary contact for Billing Statements
  • Primary contact for Annual Dues Billing

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Erin Nadrasik, Director of Operations

Erin Nadrasik

Director of Operations
  • Manages day to day operations of staff in areas of customer service and quality control
  • Assists CEO in coordinating Association communications and compliance with governing documents
  • Staff Liaison for Board of Directors, Governmental Affairs Committee, Budget & Finance Committee, and Broker Exchange Forum

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Paula Novess

Paula Novess

Director of Standards, Compliance & Procedure
  • Administers Professional Standards for GKAR Members
  • Primary contact for ethics complaints, arbitration and mediation
  • Instructs existing Member Ethics training and new Member Orientation, Ethics
  • Editor of Bearings, GKAR's monthly newsletter
  • Staff Liaison for Professional Standards, Grievance, and Broker Exchange Forum, REALTOR® of the Year

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Courtney Dooley

Courtney Dooley

Administrative Assistant
  • Administrative support for MLS Department, and Membership Services
  • Generates MLS statistical reports
  • Administrates accounts payable
  • Assists with registrations for events and education

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Samantha O'Brien Facility Rental and Administrative Assistant

Samantha O'Brien

Facility Rental and Administrative Assistant
  • Administrates facility rentals
  • Administrates REALTOR® Store
  • Assists with forms orders
  • Assists with registrations for events and education

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Staff - Membership Services

heather atteberry

Heather Atteberry

Membership Services Manager
  • Primary contact for new REALTOR® Members

    > Drops/transfers
    > Letter of good standing requests
    > New REALTOR® Member Orientation

  • Administrates Membership database
  • Staff Liaison for Membership Committee
  • Primary contact for Member to Member email message service, and Mortgage Rate Program

New REALTOR® or Appraiser Member Application
New Business Partner Member Application

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Angela Bishop

Angela McMillan

Director of Special Events, Communication, & Marketing
  • Primary contact for special event registrations
  • Administrates GKAR website and Social Media
  • Managing Editor of Bearings, GKAR's monthly newsletter
  • Administrates inbound and outbound marketing for GKAR
  • Staff Liaison for Community Relations Committee
  • Instructs New Member Orientation, Know Your Association

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Staff - MLS

Christy Pierangeli

Christy Pierangeli

Director of Information Services & Multiple Listing Service
  • Administrates MLS Department and primary contact for MLS services & technical support
  • Instructs MLS Classes, Rapattoni, ZipForm®, Sentrilock , and
  • Staff Liaison for MLS, and Risk Management Committees
  • Instructs New Member Orientation, Know Your Association, MLSi, Keybox, and ZipForm® training

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