5 Rules for Good Online Behavior

March 18, 2010

Source: Inman News, Katie Lance

Real estate practitioners have always found it pays to mind their Ps and Qs. These days, the wisdom of being mannerly extends to online behavior.

Here is what Katie Lance, the marketing manager for Inman News, sees as the five worst real estate social media bloopers.

1. It's not all about you. Talking about yourself bores the client and that can be fatal.

2. Posting only your listings. That's not only boorish, it's also counterproductive.

3. Swiping content and calling it yours. Wars have erupted over this one.

4. TMI (Too much information). Telling all is bad form.

5. Double Posting. If they read it on Twitter, they shouldn't have to see it again on Facebook.

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