Avoid Misleading Clients on the Web

March 18, 2010

Source: MoneyWatch.com, Ilyce R. Glink

Some practitioners are using the Internet to advertise properties in a way that is less than honest.

Here are some of the common deceptions that marketing experts say are unfair to shoppers and are counter productive for practitioners:

· Photos that show less than the truth: Composing a photo skillfully is a lot different from using Photoshop to make a home look significantly more attractive than it is.

· Relying on home valuation sites that aren't right: Anyone buying or selling should know right away what an expert appraiser or a knowledgeable real estate professional believes the value of the home to be - not what a computer program guesses.

· Misleading property descriptions: Don't say it has a water view if seeing it requires standing on the roof in January.

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