4 Reasons to Sell Now

February 18, 2010

Source: McClatchy Tribune, Kate Forgach

Selling a property in this tough market can seem like a challenge. Here are four factors that actually make this a good time to post a For-Sale sign.

  1. Sell low and buy low: Because all property values are down, the sellers' loss on a property is really only a paper loss because the next property they buy also will be a bargain. If they buy smartly, when prices come back up in a few years, they'll be in better shape.
  2. Down-payment help is widely available: While nothing-down loans have disappeared, it is easy to find down-payment assistance for lower-income and first-time home buyers. Programs vary all over the country, but one good way to find them is to search online for "down-payment assistance programs" and the name of your region.
  3. Your uncle has money to share: Besides the $8,000 first-time home buyer tax credit and the $6,500 move-up credit, there are an array of energy tax credits that can make home improvements pay off in cash.
  4. Good help is available: Really talented real estate practitioners, contractors, and designers are available and eager for business.

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