Expanded Tax Credit Offers Big Opportunity

January 21, 2010

Source: Margaret Kelly, RESMedia

With a new April 30 deadline in place for clients to take advantage of a federal home-buyer incentive, real estate practitioners now have slightly less than four months to get their qualified prospects under contract before the cut-off date.

In order to maximize this opportunity, it is recommended that real estate pros revamp their marketing materials to reflect changes in the rules - which now allow certain repeat buyers, as well as first-time buyers, to get a tax break.

In addition to promoting home-buying based on today's lower home prices and historically low interest rates, it is also important for the real estate professional to convey to clients that there is no requirement that they sell their current residence at once - or ever.

On top of polishing up their marketing approach, real estate professionals should free up their time so that they are available to spend more time guiding buyers and hosting property showings.

They also must be thoroughly knowledgeable about the supply of properties priced up to $800,000, which is the maximum price for a home to qualify for the tax credit.

Finally, agents must keep all other parties involved in transactions - from lenders to inspectors - on top of things and at the ready because most motivated house-hunters will want to move quickly once they have found their ideal property.

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