If You Did Not Meet all The Renewal Requirements by 10/31/2009, You Must Cease The Regulated Practice of Real Estate in Michigan.

December 30, 2009

Source: Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth

The Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth (DELEG), Commercial Licensing Division, will be sending letters next week to licensees who attempted to renew by 10/31/2009 either by paper application or online, but did not meet their entire CE requirement or do not have an active employing broker, or both. If you submitted your renewal application by 10/31/2009, you have not received your license from the department AND you have not met all of the requirements, your license status currently is lapsed and reflects that "lapsed" status on the licensing web site. Contact your broker to discuss your licensure status and renewal options at your earliest convenience. You will have until 12/30/2009 to remedy the situation; however, you may recommence practice only after receipt of the updated license. DELEG will be mailing over 5,000 follow up letters to licensees who applied prior to 10/31/2009 but who were not eligible for renewal prior to the expiration date.

If you did not submit your renewal application by 10/31/2009, you have until 12/30/2009 to remedy the situation. While the 60-day "late renewal" period is in place, that merely means that you can renew during those 60 days by paying an additional $20 late renewal fee, meeting the CE requirements and being licensed to an actively licensed employing broker (if applicable). Once the 10/31/2009 expiration date license document is received, practice can recommence.

The following link provides extensive information about renewals, continuing education (CE) and other important facts that are helpful regarding real estate license renewals. All real estate licenses expired on the same date - October 31, 2009 and are being renewed to expire October 31, 2012. Renewal notice mailings began in early September and all renewal information and continuing education credits the department has received are current in the DELEG database. For renewal of 10/31/2009 licenses, only those CE courses designated "K" are eligible and if the same course is duplicated, only one will count toward renewal. To view this information click here.

Questions about your renewal can be e-mailed by clicking here. Include all pertinent information in your inquiry.

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