ZipForms Are Coming Soon!

February 18, 2009

GKAR Members -
Announcing NEW Member Benefit!

Effective March 2nd

ZipForm®, the Official Forms Software of the NATIONAL
ASSOCIATION of REALTORS®, is the powerful, easy-to-use real estate contract software that is helping Greater Kalamazoo brokers and associates increase productivity while decreasing the amount of time spent on paperwork.

Utilize these ZipForm Advantages:

  • Assured consistency by using Greater Kalamazoo forms
  • Available in Desktop and Online versions - download
  • or access online
  • Easy-to-use interface lets you move quickly through documents
  • Auto-populate feature saves valuable time - enter data once
  • Complete set of tools: mortgage calculator, spell check,
  • text strike-out, dialogue view, sticky notes and amortization schedule
  • Built-in email functionality makes emailing transactions easy
  • Clause editor lets you create and use customized clauses
  • Reporting at the agent, office and corporate levels
  • Helps with efficiency and risk management

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