Michigan's Business Community Launches Billboard Campaign in Call for Structural Reform

September 24, 2009

Michigan's Business Community Launches Billboard Campaign in Call for Structural Reform
Leaders of Business Organizations Statewide Continue Call for Action in Lansing

One week after calling on Michigan's elected leaders to enact significant structural reform as part of the budget solution to solve the state's 2.8 $billion deficit, business and trade organizations from around the state announced the use of a billboard campaign to remind the Governor and legislators that two weeks remain before another state shutdown.

The organizations are speaking with one voice to make clear that it is crucial to right-size government through cuts and streamlining. Thereafter, it is critical to pass meaningful reforms for reshaping and revitalizing Michigan to avoid a similar crisis situation in the future.

"We are pleased with the reported progress that is being made to balance the budget without tax increases," said Bill Martin, Chief Executive Officer of the Michigan Association of REALTORS®. "Legislative leaders are taking their jobs seriously and should be applauded."

"While the passage of the budget is a laudable goal, we must also immediately capitalize on this opportunity to significantly and boldly reform and revitalize Michigan government," said Rob Fowler, President and CEO of the Small Business Association of Michigan. "Michigan's elected leaders should know that Michigan's business leaders and their constituents are watching to see what is coming out of Lansing not only in the next two weeks, but in weeks immediately thereafter. We have high expectations."

The major business and trade organizations joining the call for reform include: Michigan Association of REALTORS®; Small Business Association of Michigan; National Federation of Independent Businesses; Detroit Renaissance; Michigan Manufacturers Association; Michigan Association of Home Builders; Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan; Michigan Bankers Association; Michigan Chamber of Commerce; Detroit Regional Chamber; Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce; Lansing Regional Chamber; and the Kalamazoo Regional Chamber.

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