Portage Historic Properties

September 3, 2009

Yes, Portage does have both residential and commercial properties that are on the historic roster in pubic recognition of its architectural and/or historic significance. The Beacon Club is probably the most well known.

IF you are representing a seller or a buyer, it is important to note that prior to any changes on the exterior of a historic structure, the Historic District Commission (HDC) must review and approve an application for "Certificate of Appropriateness."

If you are the listing agent, be sure that you are familiar with the Ordinance adopted in 1990 by the Portage City Council and indicate that the property is on the historic roster.

If you are a buyer's agent, be sure the buyer is aware of the historic importance of the property and that they would need to make application for exterior changes. This applies to properties that are zoned both residential as well as commercial.

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