2. Fred Upton Visits GKAR!

August 18, 2011

upton official photo upton - group shot

The GKAR leadership team sat down with members of the SWMAR and Congressman Fred Upton earlier this week in the GKAR office. Together, they discussed industry related issues needing attention in Washington.

While the news from Washington can be troubling at times, be assured that southwest Michigan REALTORS® have a strong advocate on their side. The group thanked Fred for his sponsorship of House Resolution 25, stating that the Mortgage Interest Deduction is good public policy and should not be altered. This year, Fred has also co-sponsored legislation that would streamline the short sale process, worked to improve the flood insurance program and fix the GSEs, and worked to fight the proposed mandatory 20% down payment rule.

As we move into the fall and see the debt debate unfold, GKAR members will continue to work with the NAR staff and Super Committee Member Congressman Upton to make sure that real estate industry priorities remain a focus in Washington.

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