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Moby is the all-in-one safety app for on-the-go Real Estate Professionals

August 11, 2011

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Moby is the all-in-one safety app for on-the-go Real Estate Professionals.

Moby is a simple safety application that utilizes your existing network of friends and family to keep you safe. It can alert your contacts, have you check-in with contacts, track your location and send your GPS privately to your chosen contacts.

I would love for you to try this new application. You can try it out for free at www.mymoby.com/safe/.

In today's newsletter, I must address this violent trend going on in our industry. Already in 2011 we have seen a 40% increase in crimes in our industry compared with all of 2010. This past year has been the most violent year in real estate in all my 26 years of teaching safety to REALTORS. Your safety is important to me, so here are some basic safety reminders.

1. Showing Your Listings
When a client calls from one of the houses you have listed, please do not go over to the house. Have that client meet you somewhere public, like Starbucks, McDonald's or a gas station parking lot. Meeting the client at the property is simply dangerous and has been proven to be life ending.

2. Driving with Clients in Your Car
This service should have disappeared with the horse and buggy. However, if it is absolutely necessary, please have someone else ride with you.

3. Listing Appointments
Going over to someone's home alone who you do not know and have only spoken to over the phone is not a good choice. Just because all the information they gave you checked out, doesn't mean it's safe. You going over to a listing appointment by yourself is like playing Russian roulette with a gun. Please take someone with you.

4. Social Media
Social media is a wonderful thing. However, you are in the people business, so please be mindful of the images you project to the world. Pictures of you relaxing with family and friends at your pool is not the professional image you want to present. Neither is posting messages about the wonderful vacation you're on or that you're bored, sitting at an open house by yourself.

I realize my tone may be a bit harsh, but your safety is important to me and I want you to just be safe!

Andrew Wooten is a certified crime prevention practitioner and the president of S.A.F.E. (Safety Awareness Firearms Education). He has been in the safety and security industry for over 26 years. Andrew teaches a variety of safety course all over the country. Visit the S.A.F.E. website, www.justbesafe.com, for more information.

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