3. Revised Buy & Sell Informational Session, August 25, 9:00 am.

August 18, 2011

Source: Christy Pierangeli
Job Title: Director of Information Systems
Department: MLS
Phone: (269) 382-1985
Email: ChristyP@gkar.com

GKAR's Residential Buy & Sell Agreement has been recently revised by the Risk Management Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. Mark your calendar for August 25, 9:00 am in the GKAR Auditorium for Panel Informational session with Jared Arnold, John Buttery, Charlie Etter, Rachel Foster, Pat Lennon, and Greg Miller. The panel will be discussing the recent changes to the Residential Buy & Sell Agreement, along with a brief review of the Short Sale Addendum to the Listing Agreement, Short Sale Addendum to the Buy & Sell Agreement, and the Foreclosed Property Disclosure form.

We ask that you RSVP for this event so we can have the proper amount of hand-outs available. Contact Christy at 382-1985 or ChristyP@gkar.com.

Please be aware that GKAR has a limited stock of Buy & Sell Agreements on-hand. ZipForm can be used to print a blank copy Buy & Sell Agreement, if necessary. Keep watching the e-Bearings for more information.

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