3. Real Estate Safety Council - Videos & Forms

July 28, 2011

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Click here to visit the Real Estate Safety Council's web page and for FREE - downloadable Safety forms in Word or PDF for: Agent Itinerary Form, Agent Identification Form, Personal Identification Form, Safety Tips, Posters.

These office forms were developed by members of the Real Estate Safety Council. The forms were designed by agents for agents. Law enforcement officials were also consulted in the development of the forms. The purpose of these forms is as follows:
1. To deter assaults by positively identifying the people we are working with.
2. To have emergency information for everyone in the real estate office.
3. If a crime occurs - to know where the agent was going so the police can help.
4. Every client wanting to meet with an agent should expect to be asked for identification.
We hope that every real estate office in the nation will adopt these safety procedures for the sake of their agents. Feel free to add your logo to the forms and make as many copies as needed.

View Real Estate Safety Council's safety videos.

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